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Optimum number of torrents queued.

Dale V

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At a given time, I typically have over 100 torrents in my queue that I am attempting to download. Most are inactive with only a few downloading anything. Also, I have set many of them to stopped until a later time to allow certain ones to finish downloading first. Does the number of torrents queued have any effect on downloading performance or the ability of trackers to make peers available? Am I right to assume that stopped torrents are transparent to the process and behave as if they are not in the queue? Is there an optimum number of torrents that can be queued? Some of the torrents I add will begin downloading at over a GB, while others just sit there doing nothing even though there are seeds and peers available. What can cause this difference in performance?

Does the position of a torrent in the list of queued torrents make a difference concerning any priority for downloading?

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