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RSS trouble


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Im using bittorrent in W7 and trying to create an automatic download using RSS with a RSS link.

So far I've done:

Feeds > Add Rss feed

Feed URL: > website where I get without problem all rss torrent

Subscription: Do not automatically download all items.

RSS downloader > Favorites:

Add > Filter: *american*|*dad*

> Rest of options: all clear (nothing written)

Add > Filter: *true*|*blood*

> Rest of options: all clear (nothing written)

and so and so adding in each new one (in different Add RSS feed) (*falling*|skies*, *copper*, *dexter*, *fringe*, *How*|*met*|*mother*...)

With all of this, you are suppose to just download only the torrent that match with the text of each favorite, right?

E.g: "Fringe.S05E10.Anomaly.XB-6783746.720p.WEB-DL.x264-mSD" > match with one of my favorites > *fringe* > so goes to download queue.

"Doctor.Who.2005.2012.Christmas.Special.The.Snowmen.480p.HDTV.x26"> doesn't match, DOES NOT go to download.

Well, what happends is that when I give to the client the new rss "Feeds > Add Rss feed" loads the rss and starts downloading ALL torrent and I clicked "Do not automatically download all items". This is driving me crazy, so any help would be appreciated.

**** I have attached the image of what I do ***


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