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Slow internet connection


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Ok, so i have 12Mbps downloading speed with my ISP. When i turn my torrents on they only go to max at about 20 kbps. with 5 torrents it'll equal to about 100 kpbs. So if im correct i should still have 1-1.1 Mbps. But instead im getting some issue where my internet will run extremely slowly! I did a few speet-test and it shows my internet to be at 50-100 kbps. My bittorrent is up to date with version 7.7.3. I have no idea whats going on and there is no one else using the internet. I'm using ethernet cable connection and im confused at what is going on. I've reset the router several times and refreshed my IPS but nothing has changed. This issue only started a few days ago and I'm not sure of the issue.

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