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incomplete disk write / crash v7.8


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V 7.8 incorporates an algortihm designed to minimize disk accesses.

If you watch the "pieces" display you often see fully downloaded parcels

which have not been flushed to the disk for quite some time.

If one uses the "order by file order" priority option this can lead to a

situation where one or more pieces of a completed file within a group of files

is complete, but not flushed to disk. (and you have a given file of a group waiting on

one single piece...in my case the 1st file!)

Attempting to access this file (my attempt to get it to manually force the write to

disk) via either the direct Bittorrent "files" menu or going to the directory and launching

the file crashes Windows 7 (all updates on my system are current) quite reliably.

Waiting for the program to write a completed file is pretty annoying. So far my only workaround

is to reboot the system. That causes the piece in which has not been written to be

re-requested, but it is better than waiting >30 minutes or so before it gets written. (okay, it seems

like it >30 minutes- I'm not very patient....) It is also annoying that the Bitorrent "files" command allows

one to try to access the file when the write is not complete. (all blocks of the last piece are showing

as complete - e.g 256 out of 256 blocks, but the "pieces menu still shows it as not written to disk)

Is it possible to set a parameter for max wait time before a fully completed piece gets

written to disk? (otherwise this is indeed going to be an annoying "feature" introduced in V7.8)

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If any of the developers of v7.8 are actually looking at this thread I can provide screenshots of

the "files" and "pieces" panes just before a crash (just did it). This is a HARD crash- the infamous

3 fingered salute (CTL-ALT-DEL) has no effect and the only thing that reboots is a power down sequence.

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