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I'm a Little Confused on how Torrents Work


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I understand the basic concept of Torrents. I understand that when you download a torrent and finish downloading the files, you become a seeder and other people can access the files you downloaded to get their own copies of the files. What I'm confused about is after you complete a share ratio of 100%, what happens when you close the torrent program? Can people still access your files and leech off you, or do you have to keep the program running to continue being a seeder? Also, what exactly is a tracker? Is it just an automated program that tracks down available seeders with the files you're downloading, or is it another user?

I've been downloading torrents for a long time but have never really understood how they work. The main reason for my sudden curiosity is because I want to do an informative speech on Torrents for my speech class, and I've been having a lot of trouble finding credible sources for information. If you know the answers to my questions, can you also tell me where you got the information? Thank you.

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