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Extend to only convert certain types of files that are being sent to a device


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The concurrent file-conversion support is very focused on providing synching with devices.

I would like to request that BitTorrent provide more graceful support for simple file-conversions that may, or may not, be strictly related to converting every file to a single format that is preferred (but often not required) by specific devices.

BitTorrent Plus currently provides a very lmited, binary set of choices when converting files.

  1. Automatically covert every downloaded file so that it will be readible on one or more defined devices.
  2. The conversion process is totally manual, and the user must manually select, then drag/drop every downloaded file that they wanted converted.

90% of what I download is useable on all the devices of interest of interest to me. Auto-converting these files ends up doubling the diskspace that is used. This creates needless work for me, because I then have to go in an maually remove the files that didn't need to get converted. For example, my Samsung Galaxy, PS3, or XBox 360 will gladly accept an mp4 or avi file. But, if I set these fi

However, the remaining use-case scenerio is why I purchased BitTorrent Plus.

Because BitTorrent Plus will convert mkv files so that I can see them on an XBox 360, a PS3 etc. while using Windows Media Center.

It would be sweet to be able to specify that I want BitTorrent to automatically convert all downloaded mkv files to m4v.

It would be even better if I could specify the format that I want the mkv files to be converted to (ex: mp4, or avi etc). For an example of this behavior, checkout the conversion application on the FireFox Add-on "Download Helper".

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