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Guest Ksthouston

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Guest Ksthouston

Need to open more folders for bitorrent to seed from

I have set to where all of the files go to the downloaded folder. After they are finished, I like to organize them in "My Music" or "My Vids" and usually rename the file. Bitorrent seems to only look in the dowloaded folder to look for seeds. I would like to open up more folders to share more files.

Anyone with knowledge of how to do that?

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New member here...I send all my completed downloads to artist folders on my "F" drive. I have 650+ artist folders with almost 95,000 MP3 songs organized there. Are those songs being shared in the P2P system? I do see uploads, when downloads are coming in on "C" drive.

ALSO I am finding fewer and fewer seeds for my 40s,50s,60s songs/artists....taking forever to complete downloads. Have been using youtube for fast downloads and converting to MP3 audio files...then trying to improve quality before burning for my CD changers. Why so few seeds compared to 3-4 years ago? :wub: 

Any help is appreciated. I am retired and retarded so keep it S I M P L E

Dave McDonnell

1042 Hwy.251

Pocahontas,AR. 72455



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