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Guest Esoteric Knowledge

Hi guys, I was downloading for a few days after getting bittorrent for the first time, then everything went to a halt. :huh: Mostly red arrows.

I go to the setup guide and under the bandwith test it fails and says I have no connection. error 10060.

I have the same connection time outs on the trackers tab when I have a file selected.

How can all these torrent trackers that I am using go down?

I found out about encrypting in bittorrent, and peerblocker, and this site trackon.org, after all this. Trackon says the majority of trackers are down, is this normal?

I tried a website that tests if my IP is interfering, but it errors, I have updated Java for it, it still couldn't finish.

My internet connection is fine. No firewall. How could this happen? I have files that have 100+ seeds/peers so I know it's not that. :mellow:

I want to get up and running. Is it normal for lots of trackers to be down for days? Should I have DHT on or off? :)

As a side note,

I read about how greedy corporations are going after torrent activity. :angry: I didn't know all the history. Interesting.

And I feel sorry that these stupid people are so needlessly concerned about torrents. :unsure: Complete madness if you ask me. The world is getting so childish. :angry:

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