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  1. Aaaand Bleep is dead. No update in a year.
  2. Last Android update was on the 26th of August so I think it's safe to say the app died. No surprise here.
  3. The Bleep front page wrongly claims WhatsApp isn't end-to-end encrypted. Well surprise, it is. So is Viber, in fact. Also, I'm curious what "Native apps for all platforms" refers to? WhatsApp has a native Windows app now, just like Viber.
  4. It always baffles me how BitTorrent just seems to drop projects without any warning. BitTorrent Surf was just dumped one day. It seems like BitTorrent Sync is next. Such a shame.
  5. I use Riseup and the email never shows up. Not even in spam.
  6. Hello. May I suggest adding Bleep to the Windows 10 App Store? Windows 10 is being released in just a few weeks, and if you are on there early, you have a massive potential to gain ground. They will support ordinary Windows desktop programs, so that won't be a problem.