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BitTorrent crash solution


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Hy to everyone,

i looked for a solution for this problem (bittorrent crash on windows 7). I found one efficient solution. You have to uninstall NVDIA firewall. Start > Control Panel > unistall program > Nvidia Force ecc...

I hope this information will be useful for anyone who have my same problem.

Bye bye

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Hii all,

I have recently installed latest version of bit-torrent, 7.8.1build(29801).......

Previously i was using v7.7.3, which worked well.....

Now, this version gives all headaches and keeps on crashing every time i re-launch...?

Even after unlauching it, if I try to restart, again the same problem occurs....?

I am using Windows 7....

Plzz Help!!!!

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Hi Daniele

Thanks for the warning. You must be psychic. I was going to install BitTorrent on my new Acer Win7 Pro later today.

I was going to install it into "Virtual" XP Mode rather than the Win7. XP is 32-bit and BitTorrent is 32-bit. I'll try to keep my wits about me, and I will keep your suggestion in mind.


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