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New build causing Firefox error?


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Since the new build 29463, clicking magnet links and sometimes even browsing seems to slow Firefox down to a point where it eventually stops responding. This only happens when I have active downloads, when only seeding everything works fine. I've got 100/10 and never download at full capacity, so it's not lack of bandwidth. It started to occur the same day I downloaded the new build so I'm pretty sure there's a connection.

Edit: I've been trying to find a solution to this problem on my own but to no avail. Now it's gotten so bad that it has rendered my laptop completely useless while downloading. Firefox not responding, can't watch movies with VLC because it stutters and bleeds, games won't start, even explorer won't open. As soon as the download is done, everything goes back to normal. It looks like there's a memory issue but I can't figure out wat to do. I'd rather not use another client. Please help, anyone?

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