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Hello Everyone,

I had been using BitTorrent for some time, but then a month ago my isp provider decided to implement a strict traffic shaping policy against BitTorrent traffic. So strict, infact, I would classify it as Traffic Blocking all together! Basically, if BitTorrent is turned on all internet traffic ceases to work until BitTorrent is exited completely and the internet then still needs to be restarted before regular internet will work again.

At first, I changed ports, and encrypted my BitTorrent traffic, but to no avail. I ran a glasnost test, which said it didn't see shaping, but, I know what I am seeing and my isp is so allergic to BitTorrent that glasnost is wrong. After playing around with my settings and reading through forums on this issue, I eventually decided that the isp had won and I would start shopping for a new isp that didn't shape traffic here. That was about a month ago and due to travels had not yet completed my research into a new isp and kept using the old restrictive one on a need to use basis.

Two days ago an interesting thing happened though. As always, upon starting my computer BitTorrent automatically launches and I have to exit it before launching the internet or else, as described above, my internet will not work. I exited it as had become the habit and launched my internet portal. To my surprise, however, I noticed after the internet portal had connected that my computer was downloading and uploading as if BitTorrent was running. So I went to launch BitTorrent to see if it was possible and it gave me the message that an older version of BitTorrent was already running so it could not be started. So I checked my task manager and BitTorrent was running in the background at about it's normal speeds for here in Kenya. My weekly unlimited mb package had a little over a day remaining on it, so I left the computer running through the night and the next day so that I could better understand what the heck it was downloading when I finally decided to restart the computer as I figured that doing so would allow BitTorrent to launch again.

Sure enough, when I restarted it the minute after my internet bundle expired BitTorrent did launch on start up as normal and I could finally look to see what it had been doing. It had been downloading as I suspected, but not in the normal way. It was downloading torrents according to the order that they had been added, and not in the order to which I had reorganized them for priority. So, files down the list now were at varying percentages of completion, but the ones I had pushed to the top of the list had not budged.

Today I loaded a new internet bundle and even though I now know that my isp can somehow be decieved into not recognizing Torrent traffic via the glitch that occured two days ago, I was not able to replicate the results. If I pressed X to leave BitTorrent playing in the background, my internet continued to cease its workability and if I exited normally BitTorrent, obviously, was no longer on (in the background) and under no circumstance did the regular exit from the program result in the same glitch of leaving it in the background and BitTorrent would always re-launch normally and would never report that an older version was running.

To make a long story short, maybe somebody who better understands the underlying mechanisms of BitTorrent then I might be able to know how my isp was decieved for that day and a half and how I might exploit that to get BitTorrent to work again?

Thanks a lot!


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