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BitTorrent has crashed.


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Hey guys i got a big problem:

I Updated sometime Bittorrent to 7.7 since them BitTorrent is crashing instant.

So Now i Updated to 7.8 but it still crash instant.

I got MSE for Internet Security, i deleted it but BitTorrent is sitll crashing

I own Windows 7 Home Premium.

For a Crash Dump file : http://www.mediafire.com/download/z5qe22gn22c724w/29676-bittorrent.f2bb.dmp

I Hope anyone can help me.

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I might just be shooting blanks on this one, but, I have BitTorrent 7.7.2 and mine has never crashed...so I'm not sure what YOU are saying.

But if you want to do a clean, fresh install of Bittorrent, then you have to go into the Applications Data folder in Win7 and remove the Bittorrent folder. You don't have to delete it. You can quarantine it temporarily in My Documents someplace.

The Applications Data folder is a "hidden" folder so you will have to "opt to show" hidden folders through "folder options" in the "tools" menu.

Then do a fresh install.

1 Warning!!! When you remove the old Bittorrent folder from App Data, all of the your past history will go with that folder. So your new install will be like starting over from scratch. Once its installed you might try switching out the new Bittorrent folder for the one in quarantine as an experiment...IF you want to get your old history back. I've never tried any of this, but it seems like it would work. If it doesn't...then you can always leave the quarantined folder back in the APP Data folder and do another install and go back into crashed status and try an think up another solution.

Course each time you try this, you have to "force recheck" to get Bittorrent to accept the new Bittorrent folder in the App Data folder.

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