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not installing bittorent


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I guess you'll need permission to install from the computer administrator.

The admin has blocked guest users from installing new software.

You would have to make changes through the Windows Control Panel/User Accounts.

I don't speak or read Russian(идиотизм. установил uttorent ?)

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user 1 - standart user

utorrent - ask admin pass, ask directory to install, and install to default C:\Users\1\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe

bittorrent - ask admin pass, dont ask directory, and install to C:\Users\admin\....

settings the Windows Control Panel/User Accounts - default.

try to set out under normal user(not admin account)

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The user accout has to be setup through the admin account. The admin may have "Parental Controls" blocking the addition of new software.

Admin cannot ok new software for User1 unless it installs it itself too. Which case it would install it in AppData(hidden folder)\roaming\utorrent folder.

I don't think admin will allow install both utorrent and Bittorrent into the Admin account at the same time.

It might be possible to move the uTorrent folder from the "hidden" ApplicationData folder temporarily, then install BitTorrent. Then get BitTorrent set up for User1. Then delete? or not? Bittorrent from the admin folder. Then return the uTorrent folder to the ApplicationData folder.

Then User1 would be set up with BitTorrent and the Admin would have uTorrent. Hope I don't crash your computer.

I'm just throwing this against the wall...and hoping it will stick. I've never heard of the "Roaming" folder before.

Well I guess you can disregard my last comment.

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