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BitTorrent or laptop?


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Hi all!

This is not my first post about this, but no one seem to be able to help me and now it's getting worse, so I'll try again.

Since the last update ( I have version 7.8.2) I've been having the following problems:


  • I have to use Task Manager to shut down BitTorrent after my laptop's been in Windows Hibernation or else the torrents will start to download at full speed only to stop completely after 10-20 seconds
  • While downloading I have to go and make coffee or take a power nap because the laptop is more or less useless until the downloads are done. I can't browse the web or explore files and folders because it's slower than a sloth on Xanax, watching movies is out of the question as it only stutters and the screen looks like someone had an accident at the paint shop.
  • I can only have three active downloads at a time or else everything chokes up so bad I have to kill Windows and reboot.
  • Torrents gets stuck in flush mode, sometimes for minutes


Ok so these are my issues... Should I try a different torrent client? I did, uTorrent acts the exact same way, Vuze doesn't nore does Bit Comet, but I don't like their interfaces.

Do I need to format my laptop? Maybe, as it's been a year or so, but everything else is peachy except for the torrent problem. Is this all in my mind? No.


I'm sad to say, if I don't find the answer here, I will go on a quest to find a different client even though it breaks my heart.

Thanks for your attention





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