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Install Bittorent, Or Just Execute Only?


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I'm trying to switch over from utorrent to Bittorent. I downloaded the program and ran it, I expected it to install the application. Instead it just runs the application from the folder where I downloaded it. I can't find it when I open up windows start menu.


When I try to download a new torrent file from the Internet, it still launches uTorrent instead of Bittorrent. How do I fix this?


I also want Bittorrent to see all the files in my utorrent directories.

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Well, when I migrated to BitTorrent I just put BitTorrent program files in desired location (BTW, devs, no offence, but unchangeable install path to "%AppData%/Roaming" and therefore to system disk is a joke at best, there should be at least a selection (like there was some time ago)) and copied file "resume.dat" from uTorrent folder (i have all client files in one folder, including settings) to Bittorrent folder (replacing older one). Manipulations with "resume.dat" are needed if you want to transfer all your torrents from old client to new.

There is one more thing: if you have selected in your uTorrent settings option "Append .!ut to incomplete files", then you have to do following actions to normally finish migrating:

If you have incomplete files and they have ".!ut" extension (also applies to torrents that were downloaded partially, only some files - such torrents usually have in its directory special file with ".!ut" extension) - you need to change extension of ALL such files to ".!bt" and select according option in BitTorrent settings (it called "Append .!bt to incomplete files").

Otherwise you will have to rehash everything incompleted/partially downloaded.

Settings in new client I set manually (default folders etc), because "settings.dat" in uTorrent and BitTorrent have different internal structure (a little different, in sets of options).


To set torrrent-files assotiation with BitTorrent you can go two ways:

1. In BitTorrent settings press button that assotiate your .torrent files with this client. And yes, if in uTorrent you set option "auto-check assotiations" - unset it, because it automatically restore assotiations to uTorrent when it is launched. BitTorrent also have this option.

2. Just try to "open with..."any torrent file and select your BitTorrent .exe file. Still, you need to unset autocheck option as I said before.

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Well, lets just say that in some minor things this works better with my system and amount of torrents. Also as I understand possibility of useful fixes higher in this branch. Although main bugs/annoying stuff are the same, such as mentioned install path or status update bug (in another topic).

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