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Found A Bug


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Well, I doubt that this is a bug, it is strictly logical behaviour if you delete torrent WITH its files. There are 3 options when you delete torrent (in menu):

1. Delete only torrent, keep files (data).

2. Delete torrent WITH data.

3. Delete only data, keep torrent.

So if you delete some torrent with option 2 (or same behaviour is selected by default in settings of your client) then all its files are deleted too, disregarding that another torrent might use them.

To avoid that I recommend always delete only torrent and keep the data. After all, you always can delete it later, if you want.

In case I misunderstood:

Case 1: if you mean that deleting one torrent deletes whole folder, not only files this torrents share, that can happen if folder was created by this torrent you are deleting and you deleting it with all it's files.

Case 2: if you mean that second torrent just dissappears from client after you delete the first torrent - then it is definitely a bug :). Otherwise if only files dissappear - it is not a bug.

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