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Bittorrent Is Looking For Community Testers!


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You read that right!!


BitTorrent is looking for an army of dedicated testers for upcoming product releases. Right now we are focused on testing an upcoming version of BitTorrent Sync, but we are looking for people to kick the tires on new products from here on out. There are some amazing things coming to BitTorrent, and if you want an early look at it, think about signing up to be a Community Tester.


How do I become a Community Tester?


It's simple, simply click this link http://svy.mk/TU212b and complete the short survey. Once submitted, hang tight, and we'll contact you with particulars about the program, how to get access to test builds and what to do from there.



What's in it for me?


Aside for our unending gratitude and the respect of your ..ahem.. peers, we plan to extend our appreciation to Community Testers in a variety of ways:

  • One word: Schwaaaaag
  • Lord over your fellow forum members with a shiny Community Tester account title.
  • Get access to closed areas of the Forums for discussion about these yet-to-be-released products..
  • Direct communication with the BitTorrent team
  • A sense of complete self-satisfaction that your contribution changed the lives of tens of millions of people.



...But I've never used the product being tested before.. 


That's actually what we want. Everyone is welcomed to participate. Veterans and n00bs alike can help us produce something that works for the range of people looking for a new solution to transfer data between devices. Who knows, you might even find you can't live without one of our products.



I've already been testing Sync, do I have to apply again?


The results of this survey are important to target our testing to those platforms and experience levels. We ask that you take a minute to complete this latest survey to give us good insight into user systems and experience.



We look forward to hearing from you, so jump on board!!

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