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Two Similar Torrents Collision Bug [Bt 7.9.2; Win 7]


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I found a bug. I have two torrents, which both contain only one file of the same name, but each other has different file size. BitTorrent (and uTorrent too) automatically creates just one file into the downloaded files folder and downloads both torrents into that one file taking turns. That file one file is then broken.
There is provisional solution if the user pays atention and renames each torrent, which's content file name is exactly the same as name from one added before. But better should be to resolve it directly in client by renaming the second torrent.
Better example, than too much words:







1. The Torrent_1 is added.

2. In the BitTorrent downloaded files folder is created the GreatMovie.avi file.

3. The Torrent_2 is added.

4. GreatMovie.avi just changed its size, There is just one file in that folder.

5. Both torrents downloads into one file -> collission

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