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How To Not Download In Folder


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Most downloads get downloaded within a folder which usually also contains the .dat file. I have an htpc which runs mediaportal which can mark watched or unwatched movies/series but because each movies are found in a folder, I have to click in each folder to find the status which is a little inconvenient. Therefore, I'm having to copy/paste each out of their folder for my convenience.

Here comes my question, is there a way to make all downloaded 'file/s' go directly in my video folder and not within a folder to my video folder.

I hope this makes sense and that there is a solution. Thank you all


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On the 'Add New Torrent' window (the one that appears when you open a .torrent file), untick the "Create Subfolder", which can be found underneath the Save Location entry box.


However, if the torrent file itself comes in a folder then I do not believe that there is a Bittorrent-related work around for your issue.

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