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A Lot Of Ads Are Scams Or Contain Malware


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All these get rich quick ads are nothing more than scams, out of curiosity I searched a few of them on google and have seen all of them referred to as scams or complex instructions on how to remove all the malware they pile on your computer before you realise it is a scam.


I don't have any issue with the use of ads with the free version, but could you at least make an effort to do some research on the companies you allow to advertise?


Not sure if any BT users have been ripped off or had their computer infected with malware, but I don't think that it is appropriate.  There must be more reputable companies who wish to advertise.


As a community service to anyone thinking on taking up one of these scams, if someone is making millions from a legitimate system, they wont be telling you how to compete against them.  You have a better chance of going to the casino and just betting on one color at roulette than you have of making anything on any of these 'systems'.

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