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Horizontal Support On Mobile Devices?


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The Android version of Bleep is currently made for vertical display only. The Iphone/Ipad version too, I guess, without having tried.

The thing is, pads are often used with keyboards. Bleep may be used for a lot of texting, and the keyboard comes in handy. But using a pad with keyboard mostly means the pad will be used horizontally.
For my Asus Transformer Pad, the keyboard is actually locked that way in a detachable hinge. I have to take off the keyboard to flip it vertically, and then much of the point of a keyboard is gone.

Phones may have use for horizontal mode too, as the keys are bigger that way and easier to hit, and even if that means the readable text area is smaller, it's often better. Especially if you sit on a humpy ride and try to do something meaningful, as I often do (read more than an hour of commuting, mostly by bus).

So could we please have support for horizontal mode on cell phones and pads?


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