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Linux And Device Sync


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As it has been mentioned, sync between devices is possible, but devs are working on crushing some bugs. Which is great, but an ETA would be really awesome. Especially now that you have an app for both iOS and Android. It just makes sense to sync between your device and desktop.


In your announcement part for the bleep forum you announced bleep was available for all platforms, yet Linux is still absent.


As much as I enjoy install software via a repo or downloading a rpm package, I don't mind downloading a binary tarball. Such as the one you provide for Sync. Sync was up and running in no time on my Linux computer.


It would be really great to have a tiny bit info what is going on, kind of a roadmap, so it doesn't feel like bleep is just some side project that will suddenly get discontinued.


And when you decide to release bleep for Linux, please provide more than a deb package or just a tarball. Unlike Wickr, that only has a deb package on offer, and the devs are not interested in creating a rpm nor a tarball.

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