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Why Bitcommet Can't Search For Files? , What Dht Doing In Collision?


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Lately I'm studing the torrents protocols, for writing a simple sample client, and I run into two question which I couln't find answer sadly.


I'm wonder, before years we had the slowest turtle called 'emule', it was pretty crappy though, But it has a great feature, it has file search via the Kademlia.
If I understood currectly, torrent replacement for Kademlia is DHT which actually implement it.
So why we can't we share a directory and search in it like oldschool Emule did?

Why it's only limited to '.torrent' files only?


As well I'm not understand what DHT does in case of Hash collision,

I mean it's probably uncommon (2^64) but still, its happens, then what?

Even if you don't know the answer, could you please direct me to a place I could read more info about it?


Thanks in advance! 

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Google search is helpful. The torrent hashes are 160 bits and are an sha1 sum of information in the torrent file but I'm uncertain of details. Accidental collisions are so unlikely the issue hasn't come up. It'd take a lot of computation to find a collision so it's not worth doing deliberately.


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