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BitTorrent properly close before Windows shutdown


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I suggest to creating a feature that prevent Windows to shutdown until the BitTorrent process is totally closed, to prevent reanalyzing data every time we turn the PC on again.

Someone could say: "Close program yourself before shutting down PC".

But the situation is that my PC is family-shared (laughs), and they do not know how to deal with closing BitTorrent before shutdown.

I already tried some alternatives, like execute batch file to close process before shutdown, but Windows did not handle very well with it.

Thanks for your attention and I hope you understand my poor English ;D.

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What I would like to see is an option for BT to stop all active torrents before closing. Too many times I've clicked on a magnet link, BT opens and oops, there are active torrents that immediately start DLing before I've started my VPN. Yes, I could always run my VPN first, but quite often it's dropping out, especially in the morning for some reason, so I turn it off when I'm just browsing. This should be something fairly easy to add.

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