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Any way for BitTorrent to block a tracker within the client?

Guest Haroot

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Guest Haroot

There are many web sites publicly listing mydomain.com/tracker/announce.php as a public tracker.

This is causing excessive traffic to the web host and they want me to fix it.

The file has not been on the server for over 2 years and now BitTorrent client is hitting my server about 10 times per secong and receivng a 404 error. (did see small amount of uTorrent users as well)

Is there any way to report a dead tracker or ask BitTorrent to not allow a tracker from my specific domain wich does not deal with torrent at all?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Some history: Installed some tracker a while back to seed some files in an effort to save bandwith and it didn't work out so I got rid of the php tracker.

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