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So for a while now my BitTorrent has been crasing if I get close to my maximum download speed ~25MB/s. I'm downloading directly to an SSD drive so there is no real drive-performance issues. The client first becomes less and less responsive and then crashes. I have a .dum file that I can send ~400Kb (Not sure I want to uppload it publicly below tho) and I also did an "Wait chain anlysis" via PerfMon and the screenshost is attached. I'm running BitTorrent 7.10 43917, Windows 2016 with all updates, Core i3 processor and 32GB Ram. There is no significant CPU load during the download.
I'm seedin 5 torrents and downloading 1 when this happens.

[EDIT]: Forgot to mention that the only AV and Firewall running is the the built in Windows FW and Windows Defender.
In Windows Defender i have exclided the download folder and the bitTorrent folder. And i have also tried to disable RealTime scan, no differance.





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