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stuck on 98.6% with peer


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So right now, I'm stuck on 98.6% on a torrent with a peer.

I'm was fortunate enough for him to come back on after I waited two days, (not even sure it's a him), but he was stuck on 98.6% so I knew when I caught up to his percentage, I would be stuck too.


Should I just leave the torrent going to wait it out hoping one day someone on 100% percent would see, or should I delete?

it's a pretty old torrent tbh.

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That's an entirely personal decision.  If it were me?  I'd leave it running for a LONG time, hoping that SOMEDAY I'd get a full copy and then seed it until the health of the swarm improved.

Not everyone is like that.  If it's something you can get somewhere else, or something you don't really need/want...maybe just give up and move on.

Now, you CAN do some research into the torrent and try to hunt down more information...maybe even track down whoever created it or uploaded it or whatever and approach them directly.  Not always possible, and takes some work, but if it's important, rare, and time-critical...maybe you need to do that.




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