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Possible bug?

Beamer Smith

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Ver 7.10.5

Search filter problem

Search filters, pull down, put in criteria, click funnel, finds stuff.. all good But... If I erase the search parameters to leave the field blank, it automatically populates with "Filter Torrents" and because there is nothing by that name all torrents disappear.  If I erase "Filter Torrents" I get everything back But.. if I chanview in the left pane from say Downloading to Completed "Filter Torrents" repopulates and again no torrents.

The only work around I can do is to change the Search pulldown to "Smart Search" which does not effect the torrent list in any view.  It seems that the "Filter Torrents" sits in the forground instead of the background as a suggestion/instruction as it wants to be.


I hope I said all this correctly so you can reproduce the problem and effect a fix


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