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Any 4K tv that plays all kinds of audio movies formats?


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Whether or not the television itself is capable of handling all types of media formats, are you not able to install any type of apps or programs that can In the event your model TV does not offer any type of app store or similar resources, it almost undoubtedly has a USB port on the back or side of it... and while successfully installing software programs and apps this way can't be guaranteed, it's definitely worth the attempt and a potential solution to your inquiry.

Ultimately, even if none of the suggestions I mentioned above change your current situation, have you considered just installing VLC player on your mobile phone or computer system and simply casting the video to your television? This eliminates the need for your television to support the  video codecs, formats, or anything else for that matter. The processing is done by the system from which you cast the video and uses the television only to display the video as it plays. 

Just to clarify, when I say video, it is assumed you realize the video and audio are interlaced together. To separate the video and audio, splitting them apart from each other, actually requires a type of converting process similar to the one you've apparently been doing to play movies on your 4k television.

But neither should be necessary, even if it means casting the video from your phone or computer. I don't want to be warned or temporarily banned or anything for 'promoting'  third party software applications, but I would be confused if that did end up happening since VLC player has nothing to do with torrents or torrent client software, not to mention it's a free software program and always has been.

So I hope it's an acceptable statement to say VLC Player handles the most extensive array of video and audio that I've ever seen... some of which I wasn't aware even existed until I saw the format within VLC Player. Furthermore, in the unbelievable event in which you have a format that VLC doesn't initially recognize, an extensive resource of codec packs for VLC can be downloaded from various websites, though I'd start with the program's official site first:


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Forgot to suggest casting the video from another device to the television.
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