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I can't fast forward or rewind a movie torrent on tv


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Don't take this as concrete fact or a definite cause, but using some media editing software myself, if I'm not mistaken, this is actually something that was done to the original video by the person that uploaded it. This is common among pornographic videos as a type of restriction and/or prevention measure depending on their intentions, but I'm  in no way insinuating or suggesting this is the case in your situation. Video editing software is used to disable rewind / fast forward in box office release films as well. It all comes down to the person that uploaded and provided the torrent to begin with. 

If it's any consolation, though, while whoever it was is kind of a jerk, as such media manipulation is absolutely intentional, at least it's only a minor aggravation compared to torrents packed with self-installers, trojans, or other malicious code!  :D Though I seem to recall reading details about BitTorrent which suggest their software actually attempts to prevent and eliminate torrents like this ... which is something I've not known of another torrent client doing. 

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To suggest that BitTorrent goes the extra mile to protect its users from malicious torrents and downloads - an all too common occurrence in the P2P world.
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