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Try this if all other methods of resolving the 'Disk Overload 100%' don't work


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I got the 'Disk Overload 100%' issue a couple of days ago...I tried all the other troubleshooting methods...then I did this (One step can only be done on chrome at this point [...I think]):

1) Go to options tab/window

2) Go to the section(for Chrome)[for tab if you opened options in the same window] or tab (for IE/Firefox options window) and find where to delete browsing history/data

3) Check off clear cache, delselect all other options, and click ok

[*note (for chrome only at this point...I think): Select from the beginning of time in the drop down menu in the clear browsing data window that pops up when you click on the clear browsing data button in options tab]

...Only do this if all other methods to troubleshoot this problem fail.

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