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BitTorrent and Anti-Virus Software - I need some help


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I recently installed BitTorrent free version, and it seems to launch a virus scan every so often although I haven't been able to figure out the pattern as it is not for each completed file.

anyway, here is my problem. The computer I have this on is set up a bit unusually. I have an old internet security/anti virus program that I have set to not update and not scan. I have it still on the computer because of a few logging and notification features that my current and active anti virus software does not have. I KNOW that people will say I shouldnt be running both but I have it set in such a way that things have been fine.

Now, for the first time in a very long time, the old one that never tries to scan or update, is trying to every so often. I cant find what setting is causing this, so if someone can point me to it, I can tell bitTorrent to launch the other program because that is the one that should run if needed, and that way I can stop getting the errors I am getting when the old one tries to update, as I have disabled it's ability so I just get an error.

Thanks for the help and advice. I assume this can be found somewhere in the advanced features, but since most of those settings are using abreviations I dont know, I dont like playing around unless I am sure what I am changing. thanks

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