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Recent drop in normal speeds


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I've been using Bittorrent for the past 3 years now and about 3 days ago I've encountered my first problem. My download speed won't go past 200 Kb/s and is usually around 2-30 Kb/s. Before it was (on a well seeded torrent) over 1 Mb/s and maxes out at 1.7 Mb/s. That is usual. I cannot access my current router/modem(it serves as both and my ISP said all have that problem and they're trying to fix it) and when I connect to another router (Ethernet) with port forwarded it solves nothing. My antivirus never caused a problem (AVG) and I'm fairly sure my ISP is not throttling me. I have a 15 Mb/s download and 2 Mb/s upload connection and this has remained true since the problem began. My ISP is Columbus Communications Trinidad and Tobago Limited.


In the last 24 hours my upload speeds are back to normal (200 Kb/s) but my download speeds are still relatively horrible.

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