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  1. Did you manage to sort this out? The same thing happened to me, but I couldn't find a solution and 'the internet' is surprisingly quiet on the subject. I wondered if torrenting might indeed be coming to an end bearing in mind there are so many restrictions these days and that this might just be another of those imposed restrictions.
  2. Hi. Though forums these days seem to be dead I'm hoping this one still has some life in it. A few months ago using 'the usual' torrent searching sites - .whatever I'm searching for shows up but then the 'get this torrent' links all became unclickable. So I can't download anything at all. I've used both Chrome and FIrefox and it's the same for both. Has anyone else had this problem? If so did you manage to find a solution? I've searched the web put my exact problem doesn't seem to be out there. Thanks.