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Bittorrent Installation/Uninstallation Problems

Guest dantheman

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Guest dantheman


I am a pretty experienced PC user and have installed BitTorrent recently on my new laptop with the Windows 7 OS. I have also installed AVG (a known program to have conflicts with torrenting programs), anyhow once I installed BitTorrent and then installed AVG, BitTorrent just disappeared from my start>all programs area. I then figured this was the AVG's doing so I was going to reinstall Bittorrent and add an exception on the program list for AVG. When I went to control panel to uninstall BitTorrent, it wasn't there. I said fine whatever and figured that AVG did the honors for me to uninstall it, but just to make sure it was uninstalled I still checked the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) for the BitTorrent folder. I couldn't find any BitTorrent folder so I figured the application was pretty much removed from my computer somehow. I then go on regedit just to even go further and delete all the associated "BitTorrent" reg keys from search. I then had downloaded BitTorrent and to my dismay it did not take me to a installation, but rather started the program as if it were already installed. Bittorrent please fix this as A. this program should be removed from my computer yet it isn't so there is a chance you guys have hidden files on my pc B. It is inconvenient that I have to run Bittorrent for everytime I want to download a torrent rather than click this. Please give me advice on how I can perform a reinstallation of your software.

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