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  1. download speed of the bittorent is just too weird...

    What setup guide did you follow to configure BitTorrent?
  2. Have you forced a re-check on the torrent after making the changes?
  3. every file shows up as hidden and wont dl

    This is mostly caused by you not actually accepting the pop-up that comes with magnets. It may be coming up off-screen.
  4. BitTorrent installs but does not show up on system

    What antivirus do you use?
  5. Switch From utorrent to Bitorrent Why Redownload

    http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055 The guide covers everything clearer than we can describe to you.
  6. Geo location

    Geolocation data on ip addresses isn't that accurate.
  7. Magnet links not working since windows 10 update

    That's a site-specific problem.
  8. Unclickable magnet links :-(

    That's a problem you need to bring up with the site admins, not us.
  9. Less Than Full Availability with Multiple Seeds?!

    Availability is calculated based on the peers you're connected to. Not what is reported from tracker information (which can be inaccurate, old and faked)
  10. Automatic Feed Downloads on MAC

    What did you change?
  11. Stuck on "Connecting to Peers"

    So you likely have something in your setup blocking.
  12. Stuck on "Connecting to Peers"

    And what about the tracker status for those?
  13. We have NOT been given the access to the billing system needed to solve issues such as yours. In spite of that notice, we can't actually help.
  14. Finding Peers stuck at 0%

    And what about the actual tracker. Private sites block those three (DHT, LPD, PEX)
  15. resume

    BitTorrent as a protocol doesn't allow the sender to "not support resuming"