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  1. How to disable download complete notification

    Preferences - UI Settings. Turn off baloon notifications.
  2. cant download bittorrent software

    We do not support endorse or recommend any sites other than our own. DO NOT link them.
  3. cant download bittorrent software

    Well the problem is not with the site. Tried downloading with another browser?
  4. cant download bittorrent software

    Depends on what internet security software you have, what antivirus, and the state of your system's clock.
  5. cant download bittorrent software

    Worked just fine here. Probably something in your internet security software or at your internet provider.
  6. Choose content of a magnet link before download

    You need to wait for the content to populate. There's no other way around it.
  7. Check Labels - Hidden
  8. No peers when downloading

    The vpns are likely blocking things.
  9. Change download destination

    Changes to directory settings are NOT retroactive to already-loaded torrents. If you've set your settings in preferences - directories, ALL new torrents will use those settings.
  10. Unable to see Download Screen

    Enable the sidebar
  11. An individual node may or may not actually have the torrent metadata, even if it has the infohash in its routing table.
  12. New torrent downloads not at top of list

    Click the "#" column header to sort by queue number.
  13. BitTorrent opens by itself at startup

    Is BitTorrent running when you shut down?
  14. Is BitTorrent running or not when you shut the computer down? What specific version of windows 10 (run winver to find out)?