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  1. Add Torrent Window Not Appearing (But still open)

    It sounds like the window is being rendered "off-screen" in the space that would normally be on a secondary display While you have focus on the add torrent window, press alt+space then m and use the arrow keys to move the window back to the main display.
  2. Can not Acess the torrent list!

    Enable the left sidebar.
  3. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    No idea what keeps causing your settings to change.
  4. Turn on balloon notifications in preferences - ui settings.
  5. Torrent list reload

  6. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    The actual default of that setting is 0. 3 corresponds to the "Remove and Delete .torrent and data" function.
  7. Remove torrent button deletes torrent.

    in advanced, what is gui.default_del_action set to?
  8. Question about peer-id

    It randomizes peer ids on launch rather than per connection.
  9. Question about peer-id

    The manual is incomplete in its description.
  10. Question about peer-id

    Peer IDs are per launch of BitTorrent at minimum. The randomize peer id function randomizes them multiple times in a launch of BitTorrent.
  11. Problem with Connecting/Finding Peers

    Looks like internet security software or internet service provider interference.
  12. Empty torrent

    You need to show a bit more patience. If you're using magnet links, BitTorrent needs time to get the actual contents of the matching .torrent file from another user on the torrent.
  13. How to disable download complete notification

    Preferences - UI Settings. Turn off baloon notifications.
  14. cant download bittorrent software

    We do not support endorse or recommend any sites other than our own. DO NOT link them.