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  1. DHT allows, on non-flagged torrents, the client to get peers from sources other than the tracker. uTP allows for better bandwidth control. Guides that tell you to turn them off shouldn't be followed.
  2. You're boned either way, paid ones have billing information that can be traced back to you directly without involving your ISP.
  3. You change providers.
  4. Pro-specific support is not handled on the forums.
  5. No.
  6. Because they have told us that they want the swap made.
  7. It honestly seems like something on your system is rolling back the download. (No it's not BitTorrent)
  8. Occasionally yes, it's to isolate the advertisements from the main process so that if the ads crash, bittorrent itself doesn't.
  9. If other software is having similar problems, there's nothing we can do.
  10. error

    The hyper-v network share is likely the root cause. Don't use the mapped drive method.
  11. Back up %appdata%\bittorrent to a thumbdrive or external and your downloads folder to an external and re-add the torrents afterwards. http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/portal/articles/1826055
  12. No registry keys control BitTorrent's operation.
  13. The only way to be 100% sure you cleaned up the virus is to reinstall your operating system completely
  14. Provide a screenshot showing preferences - directories.