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  1. Right-click the column headers you have to get a list of options for ones you no longer have. Push comes to shove you can reset the column layout from that menu.
  2. Options - Show sidebar. Then choose one of the other categories.
  3. In Preferences - general, choose "Associate with torrent files"
  4. The torrents were flagged so that DHT can't work. Nothing we can do about it.
  5. A torrent is overseeded because there are more people seeding it than trying to download it. There's NOTHING you can do on your side to affect this.
  6. In BitTorrent's Preferences - Connection
  7. Then the configured proxy for your setup is not correct.
  8. The provided screenshot shows no one to upload to.
  9. So the torrent shows seeding in your client?
  10. 1> http://help.bittorrent.com/customer/en/portal/articles/1826055-how-do-i-migrate-torrents-from-another-client-to-this-one-?b_id=3884 2> same as #1.
  11. It sounds like the window is being rendered "off-screen" in the space that would normally be on a secondary display While you have focus on the add torrent window, press alt+space then m and use the arrow keys to move the window back to the main display.