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  1. We don't provide support for that.
  2. encryption

    None of what you've provided backs up your claim of increased privacy or security.
  3. encryption

    What makes you think that enabling encryption by default will do either?
  4. That's part of cyberlink products. Not a virus.
  5. If you don't give BitTorrent a chance to write its resume state file properly, this problem occurs.
  6. Sounds like cc cleaner is breaking your windows install.
  7. Screenshot of your queueing setting please.
  8. qBitTorrent isn't our product. We don't provide support for it.
  9. Right-click the torrent and open the containing folder.
  10. Bypassing network restrictions implemented by network administrators (such as those at an isp) isn't something we can do. You're better off complaining to your internet provider or the government regulator in charge.
  11. Delete the associations in windows and your browser.
  12. What indicators do you have in your status bar?
  13. That shows very little technical details on the detection.
  14. I'm not talking about the application install directory.
  15. settings.dat in the bittorrent application support folder, but that will also wipe out your other settings in BitTorrent.