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  1. after turning off the settings for it yes.
  2. You have the details pane dragged too high p the window, un-maximize it and get so you can grab the split above the column headers and drag it down.
  3. If there are no seeds, it actually has LESS chance.
  4. In your case only if someone with the missing pieces joins the torrent again. Normally, during the first run of a torrent, the availability can peak overall in the thousands.
  5. The availability number is based on the number of times each piece is seen among the people you're connected to. If there's not at least one copy of EVERY piece of the torrent, the availability will be less than 1. If there's at least one copy of every piece, the number increases to the number of complete sets seen.
  6. That's why you haven't been able to finish. This never helps and in fact increases the load on those trackers needlessly.
  7. You make the torrent on your computer, then you seed it on ANY internet connected computer. It doesn't need to be a dedicated server.
  8. If you don't have the file, you can't make a torrent of it. That's why the torrent making programs require you to have the file.
  9. You can't finish because the torrent isn't seeded. You'd need to contact the site you got the torrent from for a reseed.
  10. In the BitTorrent interface under the info tab.
  11. What's the listed availability for the torrent?
  12. You're already downloading as fast as your connection supports.
  13. You're getting your connection's rated speed. speedtest.net shows in *bit/sec BitTorrent shows in *byte/sec