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  1. You're already downloading as fast as your connection supports.
  2. You're getting your connection's rated speed. speedtest.net shows in *bit/sec BitTorrent shows in *byte/sec
  3. Usage support for completed downloads is beyond the scope of these forums.
  4. Nothing we can do if the tracker is down.
  5. No one is downloading it yet or it's overseeded to the point that you're not needed yet.
  6. if the %appdata% location doesn't match up exactly then that doesn't actually work either. This is the procedure for migrating large groups instead of using a resume.dat file copy like yours.
  7. Don't move the .torrent files around once the torrents are in your client.
  8. Looks like either the torrent isn't actually seeded or something in your setup is blocking.
  9. As long as availability is below 1.0, your download won't finish.
  10. I didn't ask for the creation date. I asked for the availability.
  11. What is the listed availability for the torrent?
  12. 1> If you don't specify to remove and delete the .torrent file, that .torrent file will remain. 2> If they aren't loaded in BitTorrent then the old .torrent files being removed won't affect it. You probably deleted the entire contents of %appdata%\bittorrent which would delete the program, its configuration AND all the .torrent files, not just the .torrent files and configuration like you thought it would.
  13. Close it before shutting down the computer or set windows to not re-open programs you had running when it shut down.
  14. Seeding happens by either the person who made the torrent or people who downloaded it. In the case of torrents that won't complete, they are no longer seeded.
  15. The .torrent file is metadata and can be exchanged independently of the client. The original torrent was made and was likely seeded at one time.
  16. Right click on the column header to get a menu to enable any columns you don't have
  17. The protocol doesn't support such a search. And we aren't qbittorrent support
  18. You can't force people to download from you.
  19. Have you also done port forwarding in your router?