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VOIP and Bittorrent


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since I live in a hole (cover me with a rock) it is impossible to get cell phone service at my residence/office. after 5 years of bitching to att, they finally gave a microcell to use in my office. there's still a problem with cell phone reception however, as my voice (outgoing) will break up if the computer is on the internet. incoming voice is fine, as they're usually telling me I'm breaking up. I've narrowed down the problem to whether or not BitTorent is active or not on my system, that determines the clarity of the cell call.

right now I have the basic setup for the microcell CAT6 connected off the router along with other computers and a PS3. this configuration has resulted in BitTorent bandwidth tests failing as it detects 2 NATs. BitTorrent network test results OK, as I've port forwarded BitTorrent in the router with a high port range, and set the microcell ports (as advised) with lower ones. what I haven't done is link the microcell directly to the modem and downstream link the router to the microcell (alternate configuration). This may or not solve the problem, but I have some questions.

Is there a kill switch to pause all uploads 'immediately'(like when I am receiving a cell call)? Right now my solution is to terminate BitTorrent when the phone rings.

Is there a software solution that closes (or pauses) the program when another program demands or signals a request (similar to a phone/fax switch)?

Anyone else getting similar problems with VOIP applications and BitTorrent?

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I followed that thread 2 years ago when setting up BT for the first time and was encountering problems. Resetting the download speeds, port forwarding, setting exclusions in my anti-virus and firewalls solved my issues and BT has been working fine since then. I've tried the stop transfers on user interaction switch under Preferences > Bandwidth > ... but just sweeping my mouse across the screen stops activity in BitTorrent. I'm trying even more conservative settings (as recommended) in the interrupted internet connection recommendations, but I'm running Win7x64; Netgear WNR834Bv2 router off a Siemens speedstresm 4100 modem with (allegedly) 6mps ADSL service; and many recommendations do not apply to recent operating systems (thread has a 2006 origination date).

I may just have to set the user interaction switch when I walk away from the computer, and close BT when i'm actively using the computer and a call comes in.

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