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*Help* Problem with BitTorrent in Windows 8


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Hi, i am using BitTorrent from long time, in XP & Windows 7 it worked for me well, but recently i installed Windows 8. Now i am having a little problem.

Suppose i started a torrent & then shutdown my P.C, when i start my P.C again. The BitTorrent Software starts but the torrents not starts. it says problem loading .torrent files. Then i have to delete those torrents from BitTorrent Software > Go to Torrents directory & rename "FileName.torrent.loaded" to "FileName.torrent" then then launch BitTorrent Software. Then the software start running that torrent, Checking...Downloading.

I am having that problem if you guys help me out from doing that it would be great. Hope you understands my English:) Waiting for your Replies. Thanx

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