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When I tried to download a torrent, it didn't work and it made every file in my computer to be opened by BitTorrent


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First, I downloaded a file called 'Super_Hexagon_(2012)_PC_secure.exe' because a friend suggested it for me to play it. He also said that I needed to use BitTorrent in order to download it and play it.

What I understood was that I had to open the file mentioned above with BitTorrent, so what I did was that I dragged the file into BitTorrent, and it worked fine (I think). The file was seen in BitTorrent with the 'Seeding...' and everything, but when I tried to open it, it made almost, if not all, files in my computer to change their icons (all of them had an icon of a paper sheet with the BitTorrent logo inside of it'). Now whenever I try to open a file, it leads me to the BitTorrent window and a message pops up saying 'Unable to load (file name but shortened).exe'. My friend suggested that I had to use the Restore System feature in my computer, but when I tried to use it, it did the same; it opened BitTorrent with the message 'Unable to load mrstrui.exe'.

And before someone asks, yes, it was my first time using BitTorrent and all I wanted to do was download Super Hexagon and play it instantly.

Does anyone know how to fix this? If you need any information of my computer system I can give it to you.

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