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Odd behavior with new install, WIN 8


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I'm having an odd issue with a new 7.8 install on Windows 8 Pro 64bit. Using the default program settings I can add 5 torrents to my queue however only the first torrent will begin to download. The other 4 will not begin to download, they will simply "Download Metadata" and then state "Checked 0.0%" and never begin to download any data even once torrent #1 has finished.

Now if I exit out of Bittorrent and then restart the program #2 will start and every subsequent time I start and stop the program the next torrent will start. To be clear if I select 5 torrents to download and then stop and start Bittorrent 5 times, they will all download simultaneously.

Any thoughts as to what could cause the behavior? I have taken the firewall out of the equation and the problem still exists.


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