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Using BitTorrent Over a New Connection

Guest Lekkin

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Guest Lekkin

Hey guys! So I don't know much about torrenting, except that it worked for me while I was in the states. However now I'm studying abroad in Scotland (woo!), and I tried using BitTorrent over the campus connection and couldn't get it to work. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't be able to get it to work, but if there's any way y'all could help me I'd appreciate it!

Here is one particular webpage which should answer questions about the campus connection better than I can:


Best as I can see, the campus only has four open ports:

FTP port 21

SSH port 22

http port 80

https port 443

I'm guessing this is the issue, as this is also the reason I can't play Maple Story. I tried just changing the port to 80 or 443, but nothing happened, so likely I just don't quite understand the issue. BitTorrent also says at the bottom, DHT: Waiting to log in, so I'd guess this means it can't connect.

Is there a way around this issue, or is there some other method that y'all can recommend, specifically because I really want to watch Final Fantasy Advent Children again.

Thanks so much for any help, and if there's any more information I can give, please let me know. Oh yes, I am running Windows 7.

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