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Question About Torrented Movie in Multiple Files

Guest ArtDecoGeckoGecko

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Guest ArtDecoGeckoGecko

I'm not exactly an experienced torrenter, so maybe this is an obvious problem and I'm just too derp to know what to do.

I torrented a movie that was in DVDR format off Pirate Bay. I already know to look for torrents with singular .avi files and the like, but this is a lone torrent of what I need. Took absolutely forever to download since there were literally two seeders, but when it finally did, it ended up in a bunch of files, all of which are BUP, IVO, or VOB. I know there's something you have to do to make it an actual playable movie, but what? I tried looking up for what to do with multiple files, but where I've looked, it only addresses what to do with .zip files, not the problem I have. Please help!

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