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"Duplicate Torrent" warning


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Senior, non-techie, newbie torrent user here. I want to re-download a past torrent but when I try to start Transmission I get an ERROR window showing "duplicate torrent..." I have deleted the original downloaded file and all files with any reference to the original torrent, all to no avail. A posting to the Transmission-QT forum yielded only the comment "You must have a torrent with the same hash already loaded in Transmission and, although the name may be different, it still points to the same file."

I'm not sure where to go from here.. I can't re-download a torrent or an old torrent without getting the same message. I've compared my Transmission settings with a friend who also uses Transmission without problems (Mac). I'm guessing that the problem may be a Windows setting somewhere (?).

Maybe some "Super User" can track this down for me. Please!

Windows 7, 32

Transmission-QT Win


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