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Sudden Slow Download on 32 GB Torrent.


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I'm downloading a 32GB torrent. It was downloading fine throughout the night, and got to 96% downloaded. I was having download speeds of about 1.2MB.

It's on the last 1GB to download but it's awfully slow. My upload is 100K, but download is now 0.4K. There are 80 peers, of which I'm using 26.

I can't understand the sudden slow speed and I can't seem to rectify it. I've tried lowering the upload speed, to no avail. It's just stuck on a very low download speed.

Any ideas what could be going on?

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That's why it stalled. You're at 96.1% and there's no more pieces available among peers you're connected to.

Ah I understand. So I've just got to leave it running and hope someone who has the 100% version seeds it?

Is it possible to update trackers or anything? Would that help?

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