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∞ Infinity Symbol ∞

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Hello! This is my first time posting. I've searched but I can't find out any information on the infinity symbol that appears in both the ETA and Seeds/Peers columns.

With the ETA, I assume it means that BT has no idea when a specific torrent will finish. However, what does it mean in the seeds/peers column? Does it mean that BT can't count them all (as in, there are many seeds) or does it mean the torrent has had 0 seeds for a very long time (the torrent could be dead)?

I've been trying to seed torrents that have under 1 seed so that they can stay alive. I'm wondering if I should include the ∞ torrents as well.

Thanks so much!

∞ Evirglass

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seed to peer ratio of infinite means there's basically no one there.

If you enable the individual "Seeds" and "peers" columns, you'll be able to see how it came up with infinite for it

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