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BitTorrent download not complete and total already 3 times original


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Hi I'm using BitTorrent inside a qnap server to download a 1.3gb file.

The download is 32% complete but it has already downloaded 3gb of data !

I've recently upgraded to talktalk fibre and have experienced this problem a few times now. I don't think it happened prior to this.

My speed is around 30gb, but I've noticed talktalk throttle bittorrent significantly during peek times on fibre.

I've male ware and virus checked and haven't found anything....

I hope this is the right place for the question. Cheers

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The information you provided didn't give enough information to troubleshoot.

Chances are, if the progress only showed 32%, you didn't get the full file.

The filesize on the drive is irrelevant, considering that BitTorrent downloads the file in a random order and allocates the file's entire space on the first piece downloaded.

Show a screenshot of the info tab with the offending torrent please.

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