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converting torrent files to burn on a DVD-R

Guest augie_alcaraz@yahoo.com

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Guest augie_alcaraz@yahoo.com

I am new to torrent downloads and just downloaded a few torrents but can't figure out how to get them converted into a format that I can burn on my DVD-R disk's that are 16X and 4.7G and i'm at my wits end or I wouldn't bug you guys cause I know this is probably just gonna make u mad at me for bothering u for it but please help me out here people I need it! I can get some data on the disks but not get it to play on my DVD player! I will really appreciate it and pay a guaranteed small amount of $10 to whomever can give me the correct advice!! It will be paid tomorrow to any account!! Why let those video converters have it when you can Thanks, Augie

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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