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Sims 3 Late Night Download

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okay, I don't have a clue about this site or if im in the right place I just didn't know where else I could ask I just need help. :( I downloaded the sims 3 late night with bittorent, mounted it with daemon tools pro and installed it and everything worked perfectly. then I installed an update for the sims 3 late night which wasn't compatible with the base game, but every time I opened the sims 3 launcher for the base game to try and update it so that the 2 were compatible, it opened the launcher for late night. I then proceeded to uninstall and reinstall the sims 3 base game (bad move) and now whenever I launch the sims 3 late night it gets to the menu and an error message saying that ea cant verify something about the disc and it doesn't work :huh: . is there any way to fix this without deleting and then reinstalling the sims 3 late night? pleaseeeee help. :(

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